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Feb 19, 2007

Recover Deleted Comments

"If you use a little trick, you can recover the deleted comments no matter when you deleted it"

Sometimes you might delete a comment on your blog by mistake. You wanted that comment to be in your blog but how to get that as you have already deleted it. No worries though. If you use a little trick, you can recover the deleted comments no matter when you deleted it. But there is a limitation, though. You could recover the deleted comments only if you had provided the email address to deliver a notification whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog. Here are the steps to recover your deleted comments.

1)To turn the comment notification on, go to Customize>Settings>Comments and enter your email address on Comment Notification Address.

2)Whenever someone leaves comment on your blog, you get a notification email with the Date, Name and Comments. You can save this email to act as a backup for the comments on your blog.

3)If you ever delete the comments by mistake, you can retrieve it from the backup you have created; just copy the comments and paste it on your blog with with the original date and name of the comment poster.
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  1. Hey bee hacker........this is a real insightful blog u have here....
    I just wanted to knw if there is any way i can view a deleted comment that has been deleted by the one who commented???

  2. hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u rock..its hell lot of info..thanks a lot again for saving my precious comments :)

  3. Thank you for info, but I have delete comment before I know this blog :( I will try this

  4. Thanks! That was exactly what I needed! Obvious after you do it! thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello, really interesting information. Thanks

  6. Hey Thanks it was very handy trick...

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