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Feb 16, 2007

Create music blog

hinking about making your own music blog with music playlists and with upload features and song submission forms for your visitors without spending a penny. Sounds too good to be true but yes you can do it. Without much delay, I would like to give few tips for those who want to have their own music blog :-
1)First of all you need a MP3 player which can play the MP3 files from your blog. Playtagger is the best option for this. To find out how to put this on you blog, see this post.

2)You also need a filehost service which will be hosting your MP3 files. Google sites is the best option. Fileden and Filelodge are other options. But the real problem with fileden and filelodge is the space and bandwidth. You can overcome this problem with multiple accounts.

Important: Since Webjay is down, step#3 involving webjay no longer works. But I have posted about features better than webjay in another post. Instead of using step#3, please visit this link to view the updated post.

3)One problem with playtagger is that all of your songs are seperate ie, there is no continuous playback buthold on, there is a cool workaround. You can get this feature from from webjay's playthis page featureAll you need is go to the webjay page and provide your page's address and you get a code which you can paste on your blog's post or sidebar to make all the songs on thet particular page to be played as a playlist. Moreover, webjay also enables you to play real(SMIL format) songs. Though, you have to make a link to the page containing playlist, it certainly is better than not being able to use Real Format songs at all.

4)Now you can get song upload form which allows your visitors to upload songs and provide them with the song links from here which they can submit to you from the submission form from here.

5)Moreover including videos on your site is a great idea. Youtube is the best source for online music videos. You can easily create the playlists and embed them in your blog.

One thing to keep in mind, when you are using free service such as bravenet, your site gets popups almost everytime someone opens your page.
To have a glimpse of how your page looks like, visit this blog


  1. thanks. so generous

  2. Thanks for sharing a different topic.Thanks for sharing a different topic.

  3. i tried musical blogging too

  4. Love to Blog.
    Check out my boy, Its rap, but its hard felt.

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    Tell me if you like it or how to improve!!
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  5. Very interesting. Thank you for this - I love your writing too - great blog! :-)

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